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Welcome to Sykes SpeedMasters Running Center. Come work with Coach Valentino Sykes who has worked with athletes ranging from ages 4-18 and older who rank among the world’s elite. Over the past 15 years, using his five tier program with athletes he has had countless world, national, state, regional, and county record holders from the 55 meters, 60 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters.  Coach Sykes has produced the fastest high schooler in US history in the 100 meters (10.00), and  the fastest 200 meters (20.03) for 19 and under, just shy of Usain Bolt's 200 meter record. If you want to work on your 40 yard dash we can get that done as well. One of his athlete's best time in the 40 yard dash is 4.27 laser time. Whether it’s on the track or the field then look no further. SpeedMasters can help you get it done.


Often times athletes that participate in baseball, softball, soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, wrestling, track, and cross country have very poor running mechanics. This problem arises because coaches do not take the time to work on speed. Fundamentals of their sport is their focus, and speed work is neglected.


Coach Sykes has worked with athletes ranging from ages 4-18 and elite athletes for 18 years. He has created a five tier program that has produced World Champions by improving balance, neuromuscular function, strength, speed, agility, and so much more. All five tiers focus on speed mechanics.


The trainers at Sykes SpeedMasters Running Center are:
*USA Track & Field Level II Certified Sprint & Hurdles
*A.A. Certified Speed & Agility Coach 
*A.A. Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach
*Head Coach Gastonia Jaguars Track Club




Five Tier Program



Body Awareness, Conditioning, Coordination, Core Strength, Stability, and much more.


Acceleration, Agility, Explosion, Flexibility, Foot Speed, and much more.



Change of Direction, First Step, Functional Strength, Quickness, and much more.




Eccentric Strength, Linear Speed, Max Velocity, Reaction Time, Weight Lifting, and much more.




Olympic Lifts, Prepares the Athlete for College and Professional Ranks.


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